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These flags are neither Trademarkable nor Copyrightable; they were released into the Public Domain by me, the creator, between 2014 and 2020; (these are updated & enlarged versions). (iow: you may use them however you like, including commercially, but not claim copyright on them.) Credit is always appreciated, but not required.

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October 2020
NEW: Dyke Pride Flag

There are all sorts of Dykes, of course, but the ones I've crushed on and loved have been the black leather, jeans, white tshirts, silver keyrings, and gold jewelry type. The first four inspired the two top and two bottom stripes, while the narrow band of gold reminds me of a gold ring.

NEW: Pan Lesbian Pride Flag

By request of a twitter friend

August 2020: 5 stripe Butch/Femme flag
5 Stripe Butch/Femme Pride Flag 2020

June 2020: A selection of Pride Flags I made a few years ago and 3 new designs.
Nonbinary Lesbian Pride Flag 2020

Ace Lesbian Pride Flag 2020

For this flag, I overlaid my Violet Lesbian Pride Flag and the Ace Pride Flag at varying opacities and picked the colours from the result.

Bi Lesbian Pride Flag, 2020

For this flag, I overlaid my Butch/Femme Pride Flag and the Bi Flag at varying opacities and picked the colours from the result.

Trans Gay Pride Flag, 2018

For this flag, I used Gilbert Baker's 6 stripe flag and overlaid the Trans Pride flag at varying opacities & picked colours from that.

Trans Lesbian Pride Flag, 2018

I started with an inverted copy of my Butch/Femme Pride Flag and overlaid Trans Pride flag at varying opacities, picking colours from the result.

Violet Lesbian Pride Flag, 2016

For this flag I inverted my Butch/Femme Pride Flag, kept the pink tones, removed the orange tones, duplicated the layer and mirrored it, then adjusted the bottom pink tones to coordinating purple/violet tones.

Butch/Femme Pride Flag, 2016

For this flag I used a combo of brighter, more saturated tones from the Lipstick Lesbian flag and my Butch Pride flag.

Butch Lesbian Pride Flag, 2014

One of my Butch friends wanted a flag with khaki tones to go with the Lipstick Lesbian one (which I didn't know was problematic at the time), so I made this for her.

Apr 2020: If you'd like to avoid the BiNetUSA fiasco, I've made 2 variations of a new Bisexual Pride Flag based on Gilbert Baker's 2017 Diversity 9 colour Pride flag, his last flag before his passing.
(click on the thumbnails to go over to the 3000x2000 size):

The top pink stripe in my design is based on the 2nd stripe down (the photo on his site shows this as almost as red as the red, but the flag in sunlight shows it a saturated pink).

The bottom blue stripe is based on the 7th stripe down, the lighter blue.

The middle lavender stripe is based on layering the blue stripe over the pink stripe with the blue set to 50%

The stripes are set in a 1:1:1 proportion.

I've made both a deeper, more saturated version and a brighter, less saturated version.

Both of these Bi Pride flags are neither Copyrightable nor Trademarkable; they are released into the Public Domain by me, the creator, Apr 2020. No credit is required, but is always appreciated.

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